I get it. We’re all tired. The life-changing impacts of COVID-19 have been with us for a long time, in a long year, on top of a lot of other major national issues, and (likely for all of us) the ever-present personal issues. I miss concerts and eating out and…


  • Political theory and political reality are sometimes very different
  • Holding ‘purist’ beliefs can lead to extremism and intolerance of ideas
  • On 23 Nov, Thomas Massie equated UBI to socialism, vs. ‘enlightened libertarianism’
  • There are different ways to assess what is or is not ‘libertarian’
  • I believe UBI increases ‘the…

Should it be legal? A simple decision matrix, by Boxer Orwell

Messrs. Amash and Yang,

As thoughtful political leaders able to think innovatively and outside of political party boxes, I would like to respectfully submit an idea for your consideration and improvement.

For many years, prior to and since the implementation of “Obamacare,” or the Affordable Care Act (ACA) and since…

Panicked Inspiration. On 21 Sep, The Washington Post’s Editorial Board, responding to the fallout after the passing of former Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, wrote, “impose term limits — of, say, 18 years — on Supreme Court justices. A smartly designed term-limit plan would remove the role of fortune…

TL;DR: I want to be able to make as many choices for myself as possible without violating laws and regulations, so I want as few laws and regulations as possible. …

I have often told teammates that I hate the term “work for.” I never liked working for anyone else and that’s certainly part of the reason I’ve run my own business for the last seven years. …

No, not Google or Facebook — the Republican and Democratic parties. The two-party system is a monopoly that is polarizing our country, denying voters the choices we deserve, and a large reason why DJT is President.

  • Elizabeth Warren is right — monopolies are threatening this country, crushing their smaller rivals…


  • There are a lot of Democrats running for president; not a lot that I can seriously consider supporting.
  • Though I disagree with Tulsi in a number of areas, she has many smart, respectful, and moderate positions.
  • I accept that I won’t agree entirely with any candidate and I recognize…


  • Rand Paul has been greatly loved and supported by libertarians since he came onto the political scene.
  • His political relationship with, and support of, Donald Trump has been hard for many of those supporters.
  • Maybe Rand genuinely supports the President as much as it seems.
  • Maybe Rand is being…

Boxer Orwell

Trying to reconcile my Christian faith and political beliefs with a free, open and tolerant society and a sincere belief that government can be a force for good

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